Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lock-N-Dam #1 2011

lock-n-dam #1 stage
 I got the word that Stage 1 construction of the fish ladder project was completed and that the lock was open again to the public.  The main equipment was gone with only the barges remaining to be moved.  There were about four boats fishing at the dam when I got there and one old guy down river with a drift net.  I watch one boat put about five or six nice shad in the boat while I was there but I am sure I missed a few.  The ramp has been completely redone and it is 1000x's better than it was.  I did take a couple rods and threw a few assassins without a sniff.  Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a swirl.  Tossed at it and wham I was hooked up.  Thinking Striped Bass and not shad, to my surprise a nice 18" large mouth.  Sorry for no proof but I forgot my pocket camera and I was not going to take the Nikon down the rocks with me.  The bass was very light in color, looking like a perch, and was the largest Bass I have ever caught in the Cape Fear River.  A few minutes later I had another one and it was a little smaller, maybe 16".  Not bad for walking the banks with less than and hour to give it a go.  As soon as the water comes down some it will be kayak time.  More on Dam Construction on the next post.

Capt. Danny Wrenn
96 Charter Co.

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